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The Striped Lightning® Reporting Module fulfills Customers needs for faster access and recording of an Employees' Labor activity. Given speed is power in all arenas of competition, the use of bar code input satisfies this need. Employees record all Labor related activity, e.g. clocking on and off a job, clocking in/out of a work center, entering quantity of parts completed, scrapped, MRB, etc..., with barcode accuracy and real-time validation in a fraction of the time previously required. The Labor Reporting Module can be interfaced to any of the popular ERP Software packages. Material movement, labor distribution, and earned hours data recorded update the appropriate ERP files in real-time as well. In addition, actual time worked and employee performances are calculated.

For those Shop Floors where Part numbers and accounts are used in lieu of work orders, the Striped Lightning® Repetitive Labor Reporting Module addresses assembly line environments to ensure workers are properly credited for their share of product produced. With Striped Lightning® Repetitive Labor Reporting a worker need only clock in and out of a work center.

Rather than have each worker clock on and off every work order moving through a work center, Striped Lightning® Group Work Center Labor Reporting allows a Supervisor or a lead worker to clock a Work Order in and out. The worker then need only clock in and out of the work center. By employing a series of time slicing algorithms, each worker is credited with the appropriate amount of product based on time spent and parts produced.