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The Striped Lightning® Time & Attendance Module provides online, real-time Time and attendance transactions. Employees clock in and out utilizing one of the following technologies:

Bar coded badges
Proximity Badges
Biometric Scanners

Once employees are clocked in, supervisors have instant visibility as to who is at work and who is absent.

Supervisors maintain complete control over all aspects of an employee’s time and attendance data. Supervisors may:

Enter absence codes for vacation, sick leave, jury duty, etc.
Correct timestamp entries
Electronically approve time and attendance data for transfer to payroll

Unauthorized overtime is eliminated through the use of shift calendaring technology. As employees clock in, the system automatically validates whether or not they are scheduled to work. Early clock ins and late clock outs are automatically adjusted to the proper shift start and/or end times.

Used by employees to clock in and out
Replaces manual systems, timecards, and time clocks thereby significantly reducing time requirements while eliminating errors.
Prevents unauthorized overtime
Supervisors have real time resource visibility. (who is at work and who isn't)
Absence codes for vacation, sick leave, jury duty, etc.
Shift schedules
Shift calendars to authorize overtime for an employee, department, shift or Group of Employees.
Optional security clock in/out at guard station supported

Command numbers tied to individuals password
Changed records flagged with date, time and employee number of person who made the change.
All clock punches have two sets of times for complete audit trail:
1. Computer time: Actual time employee punched in or out, system time cannot be changed (indelible)
2. Adjusted time: Times adjusted by system or supervisor

Designates that an employee is a supervisor
Designates that a supervisor can access multiple departments
Designates which departments and shifts a supervisor may access

Allows for temporary employees
Allows for trainees
Provisions for hourly employees
Allows for temporary badge numbers tied to regular badge number
Allows for revision numbers on badges (in case badge is lost / stolen)
Individual employee calendar (by day) available when non-standard hours / overtime worked
Attendance history

Allows for multiple shifts
Allows for multiple lunch periods within a shift
Stores shift start time, stop time, lunch start time, stop time
Allows for multiple break periods within a shift. Ability to code breaks as paid, charged to an account, paid absorbed to labor, not paid.
Ability to code lunch as paid charged to an account, paid, absorbed to labor, not paid
Individual shift calendar (by day) is available for non-standard hours for pre-approved overtime scheduled